Essential Concepts to Follow the Path


Today is the last day before I start my great journey in search for knowledge. My Sensei told me I had to be here at seven today. He said he was going to offer me the basis to be able to step into every Dojo in the world. He awaits for me outside, training as always.


Sensei: Konochiwa (hello) Kokoro

Kokoro: Good morning, Sensei. Here I am, ready.

Sensei: Today is an auspicious day, as you will begin on a learning journey. It will be a long journey. I called you in early today, as I would like you to keep in mind a few terms that will prepare you to step into any Dojo worldwide.

Kokoro: Oss, Sensei! Thank you so much for thinking of me!

Sensei: The first thing you must learn is to count and write the language of Karate like a true Japanese master. Here are a few tricks:



It is pronounced: ICHI
It is pronounced: NI
It is pronounced: SAN
It is pronounced: SHI
It is pronounced: GO
It is pronounced: ROKU
It is pronounced: SHICHI
It is pronounced: HACHI
It is pronounced: KYU
It is pronounced: JU

Kokoro: Oh, wowowow!!! Sensei, I love all those tricks to learn how to write! I have already stored them into my robotic memory!
Sensei: That’s good, Kokoro. But we are not done yet. I need you to learn the different ‘heights’ in Karate.

There are three:
Yodan (from the neck up)
Chudan (between the shoulders and the belt line)
Gedan (from the belt down)
But you can use this trick to remember it better: you just have to learn the first syllable, as they all finish in ‘DAN’.


Kokoro: Oh, wow! Now I truly am ready. Thank you so much for everything. We’ll see each other soon. Good-bye, Sensei!
Sensei: Good-bye, Kokoro! Many adventures await you on your journey. Do not forget to share them with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Kokoro started on its journey in search for a great Sensei to enlighten its path.


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