The Secret of Karate’s 60%


Today I’m going to show you the trick my Sensei taught me in order to conquer all belt levels and perform katas properly!!

The body is divided into two main parts, the top half which represents 40% and the bottom half which in turn accounts for 60%. Therefore, by perfecting the bottom part, I will have attained 60% of success in any kata or test in the world!



Who would like to be strong? Who would like to be graceful? And, what about fast? However, most importantly, we must perform the all the moves correctly. To make sure of that, my Japanese Sensei taught me the following tricks:

Sensei: Kokoro, I will now show you some positions that will increase your strength, your speed… etc.

Kokoro: Oss, Sensei!!



Sensei: This position is known for its strength and its power when it comes to attacking and defending.

Zenkutsu Dachi

When the right leg is in front, it is called Migi Zenkutsu Dachi. If the left one is in front it is Hidari Zenkutsu Dacha


Sensei: This position is one of the most effective defense techniques during any kata.

Kokutsu Dachi

When the right leg is the back one, it is called Migi Kokutsu Dachi. If the left one at the back it is Hidari Kokutsu Dachi

Sensei: This position is called the “Iron Rider” and happens to be the most balanced and it’s used mostly on strong defenses and as a starting point for an attack.

Kiba Dachi


Use your mind to control your positions during each training… that way, you will control 60% of your Karate moves.


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